Utilize your technology

Sure, your resources are limited, but your possibilities don't have to be. I'll show you innovative ways to squeeze more out of your school's computers using inexpensive (often free) software and clever techniques.


Inspire your students

Kids are enthusiastic about technology. You'll find it's easier to reach them by mixing technology into the curriculum. Better engage them and watch them succeed.


Automate your digital life

Teachers are saddled with many repetitive tasks which can be made easier with the many tools we have available today including computers, smartphones, and tablets. Learn ways to let technology help so you can focus on the material!

What do I get?

Subscribe and you'll receive an issue of Pixed every other week for a full year. That's 26 issues each with a great article to help you better integrate technology into the classroom and your life as an educator. Articles will include useful information for both Mac and Windows users. Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are becoming ubiquitous in the classroom and will get their share of coverage. You'll also be doing good: 10% of the proceeds from your payment will be donated to charity.

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National MS Society

Every year, I will select a charity to receive 10% of the proceeds from Pixed subscriptions. My first selection is a very personal one.

My wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before she and I met. She's been living with the disease for over seven years now. Although she's doing well, MS has put her life and the range of experiences available to her in a box. At the moment, the box is pretty large, but it's limiting nonetheless.

I chose to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in hopes they will be able to continue to make the lives of my wife and other sufferers as full and unimpeded as possible. Perhaps someday, the disease can be eradicated so that victims can come out of their boxes and do all the things they couldn't before.

National MS Society

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